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Voyager Caravan Antennas

Exclusive to
Victor Electronic
and approved stockists
Kingray Masthead AmplifierCoax with F-Type ConnectorsPVC Mast Barrel JoinBottom of Mast Fixed to Caravan Voyager Caravan Antennas
Mast made from 18 gauge 25mm High Pressure Water Pipe
The unique phased array head design is easily adjustable to receive vertical and horizontal VHF & UHF, digital or analogue TV signals
PVC Barrel Union joint for easy mounting or removal of the antenna
Quality Australian made Kingray 24db mast head amplifier that operates by 240VAC or 12VDC for maximum gain of weak signals
Bottom of mast is permanently fixed to the caravan
8m of RG6Q coax cable with F type connectors ready for digital reception
Vertical Polarisation          Horizontal Polarisation
Voyager... Simply the Best in Caravan TV Antennas
12v DC power pack and injector.
The Voyager caravan aerial is designed to work in fringe signal areas anabling you to receive Analogue or Digital TV anywhere in Australia. The antenna head is modelled on a UHF phase array antenna but the rear reflectors have been specially designed to receive VHF signals. The aerial's amplifier is powered by 12VDC by a power pack working off 240VAC or directly to a 12V source via a cigarette lighter socket.

The mast head amplifier is designed to be outside and is mounted as close to the antenna head as possible to give maximum launch level to amplify weak TV signals.

The mount can be attached to any type of pole to the wall of the van, to the draw bar or to the bumper of you RV.
Voyager caravan antennas are supplied complete with:
Ezy Eye
Combined with an "Ezy Eye" "through the wall" sealable cable grommet, the Voyager is so easy to erect and dismantle.
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